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Ohio State and Alabama will meet again this weekend, with the tide still rolling and the Buckeyes again trying to upset Alabama. It seems like the perfect time for a burgeoning rivalry between two of the nation's best teams.

The Buckeyes had three regular-season games canceled because the Big Ten did not begin its season until late October, and Alabama opened a productive offensive that featured two Heisman Trophy finalists. The semifinals were brought forward a week because of restrictions that would have prevented 19 families and fans from attending the game, but the Buckeyes beat Alabama that year and won the national title 42-20 over Oregon that year and have lost twice in the semifinals since to Clemson.

The baseball diamond was meant to be my way of finishing the last few months before I left for the West. At Stanford, I would have had the opportunity to get up early in the morning to do an education that would secure my future without scoreboards and free agency. I desperately wanted to, but I had to make sure former football coach Buddy Teevens agreed that there was time for sport.

I saw Miller play in high school, but Teyo Johnson took me to campus and sold me what the Cardinal had become. Would I be the first legitimate multi-athlete to attend the University of Alabama? I'm not sure what to do. M a fan of striker star Josh Childress and wide receiver T.J. Miller and I have both watched them play since high school.

Johnson, who played a tight game at Auburn, said after three years in the NFL he had tried countless times to get Miller into baseball and back into the game, but he knew him best. Holmes II added three RBI, while trio Betts and Brandon Mitchell each hit two-run homers. Then Johnson was instrumental in starting a game - and finished the double play with a 3-2 victory over the Cardinals in Game 1 of the SEC Championship Series.

Ohio State was coming off an early-season loss to Virginia Tech, slipping into the final playoff spot last weekend in the regular season. He managed to get through the pain, but he took a tough short on the side of the second quarter against Clemson and watched from the field as the Buckeyes avenged their first-round loss to Florida State last year. Like Alabama, Clemson is trying to return to the title game for the first time in program history with a victory over Ohio State on Saturday.

Instead, Clemson became Nick Saban's first Heisman Trophy winner in the next five years, and Alabama became national champion for the first time in its history. Ohio State beat the Tide in their first playoff game of the first round in 2008, but instead of the Heisman winning that next week, it became the Crimson Tide's third national championship in four years. Get all the latest college football news, analysis and analysis from Alabama and the rest of the SEC, as well as past football players, coaches, analysts and more in our College Football Hall of Fame Preview.

He threw for a career 7,092 yards and threw for 68 touchdowns and completed 536 of 860 passes in his career with a pass rate of 623. In the same season, he led NAIA in passing yards (3,042), completed 221 of 350 passes (30%) with 30 touchdowns, had a completion percentage (643) and led his team to a 10-1 record and a national championship.

He is one of only three players in the NFL to have had a 10-sack season in 10 years and the only player in NFL history to have had 10 or more sacks in the back-to-back seasons. He is only the second of three players to lead the NBA and NFL in sacks (10) and total (1,000) in a season.

He was elected to the All-SEC three years in a row, was named captain of the 1967 and 1968 teams, and was inducted into the Pro Bowl team of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1968. He was also a four-time Pro Bowler (1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971) and played five times in the Pro Bowl. In 1996, he was named NFC Linebacker of the Year and in 1998 he received the Walter Payton Award for the NFL's best defensive player. Twice, he was named the National Football League's defensive player of the year, as well as the first player from any NFL team.

Clark Atlanta Baseball will open the 2016 season on Saturday and split the season - with the opening doubleheader against Georgia Southwestern University in the first game of a three-game series. Clark Atlanta will host SIAC rival Miles College on Friday, April 1, before traveling to Georgia for a three-game series this weekend.

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