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This Magic City classic is an institution in Birmingham's Highland Park, serving breakfast and lunch since Pat and Mildred Bogue opened the original Bogue's Diner in Birmingham city centre 80 years ago. For southerners, it's a must - try it (read more here, here and here) and one of the best in the state.

Whitts Barbecue began to span about 30 locations in three states when Floyd Whitt, a Tennessee Valley bricklayer, began smoking meat on a purpose-built barbecue he built as a hobby. Once known only for ribs, white bread and sauce, the restaurant now offers nine restaurants with a wide range of grilled specialties, from mashed breast and ribs to pulled pork, ribs and pork ribs.

Lannie's BBQ Sandwich, which is listed on the menu only as "BBQ," doesn't look like much, except for the memorable sauce that smothered the sandwich. The house's favorite is BBQed George, a 12-ounce hand steak - hickory-wood grilled steak on George's fountain - seasoned with open pits.

As the name suggests, however, it is best known for its roasted catfish, which is its smoked meat. Ezell's Fish Camp opened in the early 1990s as the first Cajun restaurant in Mobile, Alabama. Today, the quirky bar - and grill, owned by the son of former Alabama governor Bill Clinton - is dedicated to serving genuine French cuisine in - law. The restaurant is famous not only for the fish itself, but also for a variety of other dishes such as chicken wings, lobster and shrimp.

The famous Whitt Barbecue pork sandwich, served with sweet coleslaw and your choice of sauce, was named the best BBQ sandwich Alabama. The restaurant is best known for its grilled chicken, which is ceremoniously dipped in a peppery mayonnaise sauce invented by Bob Gibson in the 1920s before leaving the pit. Hilltop Grill has served the people of Bullock County since 1949, but until three years ago it was the only barbecue restaurant in South Alabama and one of only a handful in Alabama.

Milo's first franchise was opened in 1983 at UAB on the Southside in Birmingham, and today Milo's has 20 locations in Alabama. The fast food chain, now called Jack's Family Restaurant, is still based in Homewood and has grown to about 150 locations in the Southeast. It has a phone at 256 - 350 - 0404 and restaurants in Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Tallahassee and Mobile.

As for Waffle House, it is currently located in Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Tallahassee and Mobile. About Waffling House: Waffles House was originally located in the early 1950s at the corner of East Main Street and West Main Avenue in downtown Birmingham. Regarding Wiffle House is now located on the south side of the junction of South Main and East Broad Street in Birmingham city centre.

The menu is simple and includes seafood sandwiches and desserts, including the restaurant's popular black-bottom pie. About George's: George's, which offers fried squid, crab cakes, Rockefeller prawns and a variety of other appetizers and salads.

Not much has changed since the original owners, Rex and Arne Hollis, opened their restaurant in Mountain Brook Village in 1964. About Tally Ho's: Named after founder Nick Delgado, the venerable Tuscaloosa restaurant is best known for its fine dining menu and extensive wine list. Although the upscale restaurant has a reputation for selling whisky at the table and hosting horse shows, games and golf, Tally Ho is better known for its lavishly decorated dining room. Originally opened in 1945 as a grill, Hilltop Grill is still a locally owned restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a selection of sandwiches, salads, soups, appetizers and desserts for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In 2015, Rocket Drive Inn was named the Alabama Restaurant and Lodging Association's 100 Best Restaurants of the Year. Founded in 1946, it is one of the oldest and most successful restaurant chains in Alabama, and the Guthrie Restaurant chain has more than 25 locations in Alabama and throughout the Southeast. In 2015, the Guthries family celebrated their 50th anniversary and in 2016 Rocket Drive - the inn's 100th anniversary.

The Guthrie Restaurant, as generations of University of Alabama students affectionately call it, moved from the original to a place across the border from Greene County and opened its first location in Selma, Alabama. Visit one of the state's most famous and popular restaurants, whose film dates back over 90 years and has been nominated for an Oscar. The restaurant became famous for the film "The Great Gatsby" and its star George G. Flagg.

In 1965, Hal Guthrie opened a small drive-in restaurant serving fried chicken in the town of Haleyville in Winston County. Brooks Barbecue began in Sheffield in 1965 and the family tradition was continued by the surviving family members, many of whom carried it on to the neighbouring Muscle Shoals. Gibson's Bar - B - Q started out as a small restaurant in 1956, when it branched out to open its first location in Selma. The City Cafe was also home to Alabama football coach and Alabama coaching legend Bobby Bowden, who stopped by for breakfast or lunch each month and secured a spot at the counter, shaking his head, of course.

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