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In recent years, Georgia has become a popular filming location for Hollywood to film The Walking Dead, and it is one of many places that have helped bring scenes to life during the historic events that led to the Civil Rights Act. Some of the most notable scenes include the Rockdale County Courthouse in Conyers and Covington, which served as the backdrop for Selma. Other highlights in Jonesboro included the location where Buford's horn got stuck at 7748 N. Main Street, and a scene at the Georgia Museum of Natural History.

You can even drive to the place where Buford Junior had a fight with police in the Selma Police Department during the civil rights movement.

The Historic District of Savannah also brings the 1930s to life in a variety of scenes. You can also see the Civil War rekindling - scenes shot on the rolling hills of the Savannah River and in the historic district of the city.

The most famous locations are Fulton Supply Co. on Nelson Street, which served as the backdrop for Daisy's son Boolie, and Temple on Peachtree Street (the synagogue Daisy attends is Temple of Pe Atlanta Street) and the Georgia State University campus.

If you would like to visit them, visit their website or contact them via their telephone number, which we do not have in our records. You are located on the corner of Peachtree Street and Nelson Street, just south of the Georgia State University campus. If you do not have your telephone number in your records, please contact us by e-mail or through our website.

Residence Inn Montgomery is located on the corner of Peachtree Street and Nelson Street, just south of the Georgia State University campus and is considered one of our best hotels in the Selma area. Comfort Suites Montgomery are located in Montgomery, Alabama, in a small strip of land in front of a grocery store, and consider it a friendly hotel. Located at the intersection of Nelson Avenue and South Main Street in downtown Montgomery, the Quality Inn of Montgomery is considered one of my favorite hotels in this part of the city and the best hotel in our area!

Hyatt Place Birmingham - Inverness is located in Birmingham, Alabama, just south of the Georgia State University campus and is considered one of our best hotels in the Selma area.

The St. James Hotel is almost as old as Selma itself, built in 1837 on a rock overlooking the Alabama River. After the war, the hotel was run by the first African-American ever elected to the US Congress. Located on the corner of Brantley Street and Alabama Avenue, south of the Georgia State University campus, overlooking the famous Alabama River, this building was built and opened in 1865 as "Brantley."

In March 2010, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that Riley had no authority to convene the task force. The power was with Attorney General Troy King, and the Arkansas governor stayed on his heels until the end. Segregation has not only been widened, but also in the eyes of the state's citizens.

In November 2015, the council voted to allow Councillor Susan Youngblood to negotiate the terms of the sale. But the deal collapsed after a Times-Journal report revealed information about Moore's past, including allegations of sexual harassment and assault against his wife.

The city spent the rest of the summer of 2016 listing the hotels with an Atlanta real estate firm specializing in hotel sales. An investor group bought the old hotels and, after a $6 million restoration in 1997, officially reopened the doors of the individual houses as the St. James Hotel. The redevelopment, coordinated by the City of Selma and the Selma Urban Development Authority, was financed through a public-private partnership. This campaign gives residents and businesses the opportunity to put their names in history by sponsoring a brick room.

Three other small bingo halls, including one that shares space with a car repair shop, are also in Fairfield. An establishment in Wetumpka, Atmore, in suburban Montgomery, has been added to the list of Legacy Bingo Hall of Fame locations in Selma. It opened in December 2009, followed by Legacy Bingo in March 2010 and the new Legacy Hotel in July 2011. A new high-rise in Montgomery has been added to the Wetumpska and At as part of a multi-million dollar renovation project.

Visitors say the hotel and its antique furnishings can compete with anything on offer in New Orleans or even Paris, according to the Selma Daily News.

The St. James Hotel in Selma has been standing since 1837 and is considered one of the most haunted places in Alabama. Although it has been closed and shipped for years, there are still some who have been able to save it. Here we do it, "says a woman who spent a night in the House of St. James on the first day of the action.

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